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Obtaining new clients is essential to the success of any business. You can achieve this by using our free Customer Finder alongside your Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet service.

You can choose to target your customers by specific area or by distance from your chosen starting point eg shop or restaurant. Once completed, you can then use the results directly to book your Door to Door leaflet distribution using the Booking Tool.

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Postcode explained
One of 124 postal areas denoted by a 1 or 2 alphabetic code usually based on large cities e.g. B (Birmingham), CV (Coventry).
Full Postcode
Comprises the Outward and Inward elements of the postal code used for mail sortation. Approx 15 households per postcode.
The Postcode District used for outward sortation of mail, e.g. CV34 with average of 8,000 households.
Postcode Sector
Partial postcode including first numeric character after space e.g. CV34 5 with average of 2,000 households.