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Further to UKChanges going into liquidation, REaD Group Ltd has acquired their assets, including data management platforms ukc>online and ukc>connect from its administrator.

Having taken over ownership and management of these assets, it is REaD Group's priority to ensure continuity of service and a smooth transition for all current clients.

For further information or if you are an existing UKChanges customer please contact the REaD Group team and we will be happy to help.

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As of 12th May 2020, UKChanges assets have been acquired by REaD Group Ltd, including data management platforms ukc>online and ukc>connect

Please contact REaD Group Ltd directly for further details and support.


Data Management

From getting data out of legacy systems, to standardising formats, identifying duplicates and cleansing data for campaigns or analysis.

Data Enrichment

Add detail to your customer information. Develop a clearer understanding of their lives, interests and motivations to understand their decisions.


Identify key customer groups, understand transactional histories, recognise key points along the customer journey and develop insights to help you build relationships and sales.


Expert help and support in creating SCV databases and customer preference centres. Bespoke software development and integration, including UI design. Comprehensive API suite.


Database hosting with full remote access, including selection tools, or bespoke Bureau services with practical expertise. Automated customer journey campaigns. Response analysis and data visualisation.



Market leading online data management platform with full technical and account management support.


Hands-on data expertise from a professional team with huge experience of managing client databases and campaigns.


Huge suite of data management tools and services available for integrating with in-house and third party tools, or website and e-commerce platforms.

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From 12th May 2020, REaD Group Ltd have taken over ownership and management of UKChanges assets – please contact us for further details and support:


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