Clean, accurate and validated customer information – precisely when needed

ukc>connect is our automated Data as a Service (DaaS) API platform. Seamlessly integrating into any system. ukc>connect allows you to:

  • Improve the quality, accuracy and completeness of your records
  • Capture accurate customer information first time, every time, with zero fuss
  • Apply the latest data updates at the exact moment they are needed

Totally flexible to your requirements, ukc>connect allows you to select the services you want to use and to determine how and when your data is processed.

ukc>connect also helps you to meet your legal obligations under GDPR by providing a full audit trail to evidence compliance.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Data Cleansing

Clean, up to date data helps you to improve ROI, reduce waste and stay connected with your customers. ukc>connect can help to automate the task of keeping your data clean and accurate.

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Data Enrichment

Build comprehensive consumer profiles and gain key insights into customers and prospects by enhancing your data with our GDPR-compliant enrichment solutions.

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Preference Services

Respect the preferences of your contacts by screening against the telephone and mailing preference services to identify individuals and organisations who’ve opted-out of unsolicited marketing.

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Telephone Numbers

Keep in touch with your customers by validating and appending telephone numbers before calling. Available for landline (consumer and business) and mobile (consumer only) numbers.

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Append, Capture and Validate

Address Capture

Put an end to incorrect addresses. Using the Royal Mail PAF file alongside our own logic, Address Capture provides an easy way to quickly and accurately verify addresses at the point of capture, saving both time and money.

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Email Validation

Stay connected with your customers. Increase the delivery rates and effectiveness of your email marketing by validating email addresses to ensure they are complete, correctly formatted and deliverable.

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Vehicle Data

Gain a better understanding of your automotive customers and identify potential sales and marketing opportunities with accurate up to date vehicle information.

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Payment Validation

Eliminate the risk of incorrectly capturing payment details by instantly validating bank sort codes and account number couplets or looking up bank details with our Payment Validation services.

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