Achieve better results with Email Validation

Email is one of the most popular and effective ways of keeping in contact with your customers and prospects, but the success of any email marketing depends on how clean and accurate your email data is.

Invalid or incorrect email addresses prevent messages from reaching contacts and can lead to high bounce rates, restricted send speeds and your IP address being blocked by some ISPs.

ukc>connect Email Validation will help to:

  • Improve response rates by ensuring messages reach their destination
  • Maximise send speeds for prompt delivery
  • Preserve your email reputation - reduce hard bounces and avoid IP being blacklisting
  • Avoid bogus registrations by validating email addresses in real time, at the point of capture
  • Flag invalid email addresses for possible corrective action
  • Save time and money - reduce the administration burden of dealing with bounces

Our API can be easily integrated into sign-up forms to simplify and improve user experience or built into a contact database to validate emails as they are entered. It will identify whether:

  • An email address is correctly formatted
  • The domain is valid and can accept messages
  • The email address is linked to an inbox
  • The syntax of the email address is valid

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ukc>connect is our automated Data as a Service (DaaS) API platform. Seamlessly integrating into any system to validate, clean and enhance data on demand.

Key Benefits

Fast Sign Up Process - simply register online and you’ll be ready to go. Our services are available on account or by credit card

Single Record or Batch Searches - ukc>connect can be used for a single or batch look up

Quick and Easy Integration - available as REST and SOAP versions with example code and a comprehensive Developer's toolkit

Instant Results - results are available to view immediately

Secure - all data transactions are undertaken on a 256-bit SSL encrypted link

Fully Supported - Our team of experts are here to help

GDPR Compliance - Provides a full audit trail, helping to evidence GDPR compliance

All data offered by ukchanges is 100% GDPR compliant