Build a clearer, more detailed picture of your customers.

ukc>connect Data Enrichment appends consumer classification codes to contact records, so you can gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects, allowing for effective segmentation and targeting for marketing campaigns and to build a better customer experience.

You can also append additional occupier names, tag nearest branches or locations, and append radius catchments to important venues.

Enriching data can help to:

  • Gain valuable insight by profiling the behaviours, attitudes and circumstances of customers and prospects
  • Improve awareness of the factors that influence purchasing decisions
  • Save money and improve ROI with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Retain existing customers through effective and personalised engagement
  • Identify the best prospects and communicate with them optimally

ukc>connect Data Enrichment offers a number of APIs which can be run individually or sequentially, to run multiple services in your preferred order, as a single call. These are:

Data Append

  • Acorn and Financial Acorn – provided by CACI, add a variety of social, demographic, and financial colour to records to allow for better classification and segmentation of customers and to gain insight in to their likely financial attitudes.
  • Mosaic – from Experian, add demographic and lifestyle characteristics to customer records to gain a better understanding of their demographics, lifestyles, preferences and behaviours.
  • UK Consumer Verification - check names and addresses against the edited Electoral Roll to verify existing information and to ensure that direct communications reach the correct individuals.
  • Extra Names - optimise match rates for different data enhancements by checking for additional individuals with different surnames residing at the supplied address.
  • Business Plus - apply new attributes and verify existing business information by appending a range of additional data fields.

Location & Mapping

  • 'Nearest to' - submit a list of postcodes and calculate the 'nearest to' from a base set of postcodes. Can be built in to websites and mobile apps so that interested customers and prospects can easily find your closest outlet.
  • Radius Calculation - submit a postcode and retrieve the surrounding postcodes based on a radius of either distance or drive time.

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Business Plus

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Radius By

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UK Consumer Name Verification

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ukc>connect is our automated Data as a Service (DaaS) API platform. Seamlessly integrating into any system to validate, clean and enhance data on demand.

Key Benefits

Fast Sign Up Process - simply register online and you’ll be ready to go. Our services are available on account or by credit card

Single Record or Batch Searches - ukc>connect can be used for a single or batch look up

Quick and Easy Integration - available as REST and SOAP versions with example code and a comprehensive Developer's toolkit

Instant Results - results are available to view immediately

Secure - all data transactions are undertaken on a 256-bit SSL encrypted link

Fully Supported - Our team of experts are here to help

GDPR Compliance - Provides a full audit trail, helping to evidence GDPR compliance

All data offered by ukchanges is 100% GDPR compliant