Validate and append landline and mobile numbers for both consumers and businesses using the UKChanges Telephone Number API.

Use single searches, or create custom API calls that run multiple processes in a bundled call to validate number length, structure and format, as well as ensure that the collected data will provide a live connection.

Append current telephone numbers to customer name and address records using either batch or single search queries to make sure that data for calling campaigns is accurate and up to date.

Build Telephone Number API calls in to in-house systems, such as CRM and customer service platforms, or add them to your data capture tools within websites, mobile apps, etc.

Use additional automated verifications, such as SMS confirmations, when numbers are submitted via self-service tools.

Manage your telephone number data to avoid wasted fees on calls and SMS that can’t be delivered, as well as improving customer satisfaction by keeping people informed about the status of orders, deliveries and appointments.