The Data Cleansing API from UKChanges contains a comprehensive range of data cleansing and management services, available as real-time single record calls, batched calls and also loosely coupled asynchronous batch calls, which offer marketers and IT departments greater flexibility in their configuration.

Use the various services within the Data Cleansing API on their own, or combine them in custom queries, stacking up the services to suit your needs.

Maintain the accuracy, completeness and usability of customer contact data to be sure that campaigns reach their target audiences and analysis is based on current, relevant data.

Avoid the risk of annoying, upsetting and alienating customers by screening records against various deceased suppression files, as well as mail suppression and forwarding address files.

Validate and enhance addresses to Royal Mail standards and identify / remove duplicate records to improve the performance of campaigns.

Build these API calls in to your database and CRM platforms, as well as customer service, support and sales tools to ensure that the data your teams are working with is ready to use the moment it is needed.