Welcome to the UKChanges>API

Name & Address Validation and Data Quality Services

Instant data cleansing, verification and enrichment services from a name you can trust.

Build our essential data cleansing, management and enhancement services in to your websites, mobile apps, sign-up forms, database systems, support platforms, customer service tools, e-commerce stores and more.

Clean, accurate and validated customer information – precisely when you need it

Quickly complete addresses from partial data inputs, append additional contact information, verify email addresses and mobile numbers, apply suppression flags, identify locations and add more detail to customer and prospect records.

Rapid Address

Email Validation

Preference Services

Payment Validation

Vehicle Data

Telephone Numbers

Data Cleansing

Data Enrichment

Collect and maintain accurate customer data to reduce waste and improve customer experience

  • Improve the quality, accuracy and completeness of your records.
  • Capture accurate customer information first time, every time, with zero fuss.
  • Apply the latest data updates at the exact moment they are needed.

Why Choose the UKChanges>API?

Innovative Technology

In memory processing, solid state drives, advanced data compression, lean code and fast connections for instant query responses.

Simple Integration

REST and SOAP versions of all APIs with example code and comprehensive Developer’s toolkit.

Fully Supported

Account management, technical support and access to the Development team that built the APIs and matching routines that drive them.

Stable & Secure

Based on the established UKChanges>online infrastructure with encrypted data transfers. Benefitting from continuous programme of refinements to the code base.