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Help me - I'm drowning in data
It can be a nightmare. You've gathered all this information about your customers, where they live, their habits, hobbies and interests, their purchase history and channel preferences, etc, etc, etc.

Unfortunately you've just been gobbling all this data up without really thinking about how you're going to use it or get any value from it. Then someone says: 'Let's look at the data and see what it tells us…'

Chances are that, unless you've set out with a plan and established some rules for data collection when you started, the data is in a bit of a mess and all it will tell you is that you need to speak to a data management expert.

Poor address accuracy, irregular field layouts, incomplete postcodes, name fields with forenames for some, initials for others and in some cases nothing at all. Channel preferences captured without consistency or in different fields, or even different databases - aaargh!

All you want is to be able to run a quick analysis of everyone in Devon who bought product X and determine what are the common factors that formed their decision - then you can target the lovely folks of Somerset with a similar proposal. But if you can't spot the common factors, such as age, wealth, proximity to a beach, then you might just as well blanket email everyone on your list.
We have helped commercial and not-for-profit organisations to manage, normalise and harmonise their disparate databases, helping them to create useful, relevant and accessible data resources full of valuable information.

In addition to throwing data rubber-rings, we've also helped them out by playing 'the Man' and establishing a few simple rules for future data capture and input (that they MUST OBEY!).

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