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Good data can go bad very quickly.

People move, change their details, circumstances and preferences - on average in the UK over 1,500 people die every day. All of these changes undermine the accuracy, usefulness and value of the customer and prospect information you hold.

To get a handle on the condition of your data why not take up our offer of a Free Data Audit? Simply click the button below and fill in the UKChanges>online Registration form. We'll send you a password, and if you register during office hours, someone will give you a call to check that everything is going smoothly.

With your password and log-in you can get a feel for our system and run a report on the state of your data. Depending on which services you've selected, the system will tell you how many deceased and mover records are on your database, as well as the number of address and telephone number updates that could be provided. You can also find out how many additional data attributes can be applied to your records - from age and gender flags all the way through to local MPs, property prices and profile information such as ACORN Flags.

Just click the button, complete the form and a member of the UKChanges team will get back to you.

Free Data Audit

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